About Us

CapriTech Limited (the name was inspired by Cyber security And PRIvacy TECHnologies) is a research-driven innovative SME dedicated to innovation in the fields of cyber security, privacy, and artificial intelligence. The company's portfolio includes research, software development, and business consultancy. The CapriTech team consists of a rich combination of experts dedicated to success and innovation in all of the above fields. Its founders have entrepreneurial experience and they believe that CapriTech can significantly influence the cyber security business world by developing innovative methodologies and software for years to come.


Software Development

CapriTech has experience in software development and deployment, and is able to deliver fully customised solutions based on customer requirements. Apart from software engineering experience, members of our executive team have built and successfully sold software tools and services in more than 3,000 users in the world.


At CapriTech, we research novel ways to address the ever-increasing cyber security, artificial intelligence and privacy challenges. We investigate a very broad range of topics within the above fields and our experts have an attractive publication record.

Business and R&D Consultancy

Our team can provide high quality advise on tackling several different technological challenges that a business might face. This, coupled with the professionalism of CapriTech's members can be the key to the success of an organisation.

H2020 Projects

Capritech's participation in innovative H2020 projects include:

“ There are only two types of companies: Those that have been hacked, and those that will be.”
-- Robert Muller, FBI Director