CapriTech Innovation

The CapriTech team enjoys writing software mainly for evaluating its research findings. Therefore, during the last years a number of software have been developed; these play key role in demonstrations required as part of research and innovation projects. CPT proposes the extension of this software in such projects so that a higher Technology Readiness Level (TRL) is achieved. Apart from this, CPT contributes to the integration of its software with other interfacing software modules to achieve the desired innovation outcome, such as: technology demonstrated in relevant environment (TRL 6); system prototype demonstration in operational environment (TRL 7); system complete and qualified (TRL 8). CPT's prominent sofware include:

DEFENDER (DEcision support for efFEctive aNd buDget constrainEd Risk management)

It is an advanced decision-making software tool that derives optimal decisions when it comes to risk management, such as cyber security investments and implementation levels for different cyber security controls. DEFENDER is built upon the mathematical principles of solving multi-objective optimisation problems while prior to this, DEFENDER creates a cyber security model that represents assets, vulnerabilities, threats and available cyber security countermeasures along with their indirect (e.g. impact to productivity) and direct costs (e.g. monetary).

FINDER (Finding INtruDERs based on advanced machine learning)

It is a cloud-based intrusion detection tool which enables the identification of malicious activities from different viewpoints of the network overcoming the deficiency of classical intrusion detection tools. By understanding the "attack logic" of the advanced and determined adversary harnessing powerful machine-learning techniques and security visualisations, FINDER can detect a wide variety of cyber attacks in private and public clouds.