CapriTech participation in H2020 Projects

ROBORDER: autonomous swarm of heterogeneous RObots for BORDER surveillance

Funded Under: H2020-SEC-20-BES-2016 Funding Scheme: Innovation Action
Start Date: 01 May 2017 Duration: 36 months
Total Budget: 8,988,138 EUR CapriTech Budget: 366,250 EUR

CapriTech will participate in the H2020 SEC-20-BES-2016 with ROBORDER project (Grant Agreement no 740593). ROBORDER will develop and demonstrate a fully-functional autonomous border surveillance system with unmanned mobile robots including aerial, water surface, underwater and ground vehicles, capable of functioning both as standalone and in swarms, which will incorporate multimodal sensors as part of an interoperable network. In ROBORDER, CapriTech will lead the detection and classification techniques for recognising cyber and cyber-physical attacks and participate in identification and tracking of illegal communications. In addition, it will be involved in the system integration activities, the prototype demonstration and evaluation as well as the dissemination activities of the project.

ROBORDER Consortium


5G-ESSENCE: Embedded Network Services for 5G Experiences

Funded Under: H2020-ICT-07-2017 Funding Scheme: Research and Innovation Action
Start Date: 01 June 2017 Duration: 30 months
Total Budget: 7,978,272 EUR CapriTech Budget: 246,250 EUR

CapriTech will participate in the H2020 5G-PPP ICT-07-2016 Phase 2 with 5G ESSENCE project (Grant Agreement no 761592). 5G ESSENCE addresses the paradigms of Edge Cloud computing and Small Cell as a Service by fuelling the drivers and removing the barriers in the Small Cell market, forecasted to grow at an impressive pace up to 2020 and beyond and to play a key role in the 5G ecosystem. 5G ESSENCE provides a highly flexible and scalable platform, able to support new business models and revenue streams by creating a neutral host market and reducing operational costs by providing new opportunities for ownership, deployment, operation and amortisation. Based on its expertise and its proprietary software, CapriTech will contribute to Use Case Elaboration, Architecture and Technical Requirements, and more specifically, by defining and specifying the security requirements of the 5G-ESSENCE infrastructure. It will also create a database of the most likely threats and attacks with respect to confidentiality, privacy, integrity and availability of the 5G-ESSENCE platform. Furthermore, CapriTech will assess the performance and security threats of the two-tier cloud deployments and contribute to the dissemination and communication activities of the project.

5G-ESSENCE Consortium